Naruto 539 Spoiler is coming out!


I will updating on the Naruto manga since I myself can't wait when is the release every week.

And guess what, Naruto 539 is coming out. I will update you guys back when is the translation done.

So, just see the page for the Japanese version where Naruto talks to the Kyubii.

A little sypnosis :

Naruto says one day he wants to get rid of the Kyuubi's hatred too. Kyuubi tells him to not get cocky.

Neji has trouble standing from overusing the Byakugan.
Kiba tells him to go see the medical squad.

The medical squad is in chaos when Neji shows up.
Something about a suspicious man appearing and healing Neji? The wording is extremely vague.

Nagato and Itachi talk about Akatsuki and their eyes.

Three jounin medical squad members are
Neji looks around with his Byakugan.
The medical squad is treating patients like normal.

The suspicious man passes a love letter to Sakura.
Sakura says she already has someone she likes.

Neji enters the room where people are being treated.
Neji questions some members of the squad, and suddenly kills (or just injures) them.

Credit to : Narutoverse

-Bersambung- aka -To be continue-


Fasya Abadie said...

agak2 nnt pas kawen, kalu dpt anak laki2, sure bapak ngan anak berpadu tenaga tgk naruto an... mak surang2 layan diri. kahkah! pity me... opsssssss! haha!

wanUSJ said...

Opps! mana boleh biokan mak nye layan diri.. anak2 lah layan diri tgk naruto.. bapak ada urusan ngan mak wakakaka!

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