Naruto 538 Spoiler is coming out!

Starting this week, I will updating on the Naruto manga since I myself can't wait when is the release every week.

And guess what, Naruto 538 is coming out. I will update you guys back when is the translation done.

So, just see the first page for the Japanese version.

A little sypnosis :

Naruto's mind-scape talk
Kyuubi converses with Naruto
About the war
About hatred
You'll end up just like Nagato
And besides, you're always naive. That's why with this seal... (you should remove it)

Don't underestimate me~
I'll do something about the war and Sasuke!
That's how the talk goes

Credit to : Narutoverse

-Bersambung- aka -To be continue-


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