Spoiler One Piece 630 dah keluar! Masanya dah tiba..


Sekarang One Piece dengan spoiler 630 dah release beb!

Tak sabar pulak aku nak tunggu full translation yang aku jangka awal pagi esok paling cepat waktu Malaysia.

Anyway, korang tengoklah dulu page permulaan nya ye.. Cantik!

Sedikit sinopsis :
At first he was speaking with the residents weakly, but his speech pattern starts changing
kotsun -> potsun -> tosun -> dosun -> dokan
He then rips apart the chain holding him with "-bokan", then "zugaan!"
He destroys a house with the hammer he had.
Dosun heads to the square as well

In front of the Fishman Cultural Center, a drunken Hyozou is seen
When drunk, Hyozo slashes people up with no discrimination, and slices up many NFP crew that came to sober him
"Aw... yah.... imma lice up neuyun's hamily" (Oh yeah... I'm gonna go slice up Neptune's family!)
"nawaiamgnnagosheeemin(incoherent babbling continues)"
New Fishman Pirates: I can't understand a lick of what he's saying!!

Marine Shopping Mall
Zeo is fighting with the residents. They can't tell where Zeo is attacking from
Zeo: What can you possibly do now... it's meaningless. If there's any hope for you left, it's the Neptune brothers... but they will be dead soon enough.
The fishmen can't find Zeo, so they look for him. They find somethign that looks like a roach, and they smash it to bits
Zeo's voice stops. Zeo, apparently invisible to them, was taking all the abuse (to the roach) LOL. He's all beat up.
Zeo starts talking like nothing happened (He calls himself a nobility of Fishmen)
He heads to the square

LOL NFP lieutenants are all very silly.

-Bersambung- aka -To be continue-


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