Spoiler One Piece 629 dah keluar! Wuhoooo!


Sekarang One Piece dengan spoiler 629 dah release beb!

Tak sabar pulak aku nak tunggu full translation yang aku jangka awal pagi esok paling cepat waktu Malaysia.

Anyway, korang tengoklah dulu page terakhir nya ye.. Suige!

Little sneak peak:

cover: Kokoyashi village. Nojiko, the doctor, Gen, and the kid nami saved are in front of Bellemere's grave

Nami and Chopper tries to mediate between the two, but Luffy hops on Megalo and tries to force his way out.
But he is stopped by Jinbe's Samegawara-seiken (Shark-tile straight fist). Luffy takes damage despite being rubber.
Fishman Karate's strength is in its ability to bring the water all around you under your control.
Because the impact travels from the water in the air into the water in the body, it is impossible to defend.
Luffy retaliates with a JET Stamp, but Jinbe blocks the attack and asks if this is all he got out of his training.

"That's enough" Robin suddenly appears between the two.
The two can't stop right away, and it looks like Robin's in danger
Sanji (with his eyes heart-shaped) hugs Robin and tries to save her, but Robin suddenly dissapears, and the two smashes into each other, dealing equal blows.
(T thinks Robin dissapearing was her new move, and she made herself bloom somewhere)
The fight's over.

Jinbe talks about the ideology of fishmen. If Luffy, who already defeated Arlong, also defeats Hodi, that may remind the fishmen of the never-changing history of human oppression.
Sanji asks Hachi, that although Hachi never said who did it, it was probably Hodi that injured Hachi. He then continues that they have a reason to fight them.
Luffy starts heading out again. Jinbe stops him, and fight starts again.

Meanwhile, at Ryuuguu Palace
Hodi ponders about the new inhabitants moving in from the Fishman District.
He figures they could simply use the houses of those who are leaving the country, or going to be executed.
"Every single citizens will hate the humans... it'll be a wonderful nation... Jahahaha!"
Daruma chews off the walls of the Candy Factory, and digs a hole into the ground and heads somewhere

Scene turns to Zoro & co
Brook can pull out his soul now (lol)
"After I learned this new trick.... what do you think I did with it?" Brook says while grinning
Usopp is jealous. Zoro demands Pappag to bring him one of his swords. "I'll cut them all"
Pappag runs terrified as Brook's soul chases him

End of chapter

-Bersambung- aka -To be continue-


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