It is so PAIN to success..

Pain! Scary! Pity! That is my impressions when I see these pictures..

Scroll down and see it yourself.. It is no easy way to SUCCESS.


That's hurt!

 Oh no.. Please don't

 This what we call 'Lets have PAIN together'

What on earth is this trainning?

 You can do it!

 Spirit of the PAINLESS..??

Training until the nightfall..

We can do it!

Walla! Let see the result.. Smile

-Bersambung- aka -To be continue-


cindy said...

TQ for sharing n visiting.

cindy said...

Please can i borrow yr pictures?

wanUSJ said...

U r most welcome cindy.. yes, of course u can borrow these picture. But pls put the credit to me.. naa, just kidding hihi :)

cindy said...

TQ very very much。。。
These are fantastic and meaningful photos.
Just want to share to more bloggers.

wanUSJ said...

Alright cindy :).. sharing is caring u noe

Expressão Popular said...

Isso é um absurdo o que fazem com essas crianças!
Depois se aproveitam para ganharem dinheiro as custas dessas pobres inocentes. Lamentável!

ana said...

As fotos são lindas, entretanto as crianças sofrem muito.
Acho que elas não acham divertido fazerem isto.

wanUSJ said...

i translate tour comments ana & thnks for the visit --> The photos are beautiful, but the children suffer a lot.
I think they do not find it fun to do this.

wanUSJ said...

Hey Expressao Popular, thanks for the comments --> That's absurd what they do with these kids!
Then they take the opportunity to earn money at the expense of these poor innocent. Pitiful!

tatesal said...

very interesting....

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