First A380 passenger flight

Hmm, I just remember the days when an A380 was introduced.

Here I want to share with you all the moments on that day :)

 Enjoy your time everybody..

Enjoy the entertainment..

Talking in comfortable environment..

 Have a good time with friends..

 Hmm, maybe talking in a private area..

 Relaxation on your on seat..

 Do what ever you want..

 Even when the light goes out, you still can do your own stuff..

Napping time.. Zzzz

P/S : This picture was taken around 5 years ago..
-Bersambung- aka -To be continue-


陈永伦 said... nice =] if me have money..i will go =]

wanUSJ said...

Yeahh wengloon.. i wish u will be rich :)

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