Naruto 561 Spoiler is coming out guys!


I myself can't wait when is the release every week.

And guess what, Naruto 561 is coming out. I will update you guys back when is the translation done estimate by tomorrow morning.

The previous week last chapter.. Madara's true power!

A little bit synopsis:
Ao : This is ... a massacre. In just a moment, All theses people ...
Shikaku : There is no mistake. This is Madara's jutsu. Tsunade-sama, if we do nothing, we're ...
Tsunade : I'm on my way.

Rock falling.
NinA : What the hell is that ?
Temari : Are you okay Gaara ?

Naruto : Gomu guy ? Why did you saved a clone like me ?
Dodai : you're mistaken. Even if you're a clone, your power is useful. I did this for victory.

Naruto : Where is Grampa Tsuchikage ?
Oonoki is laying on the ground.

Naruto runs to him
Naruto : Grampa Tsuchikage !

NinD : It's okay, he's breating. But he's seriously wounded.
Muu ( Kabuto ): So this is Rikudou Sennin's power ? Fantastic.
Madara : Hum ... This scenery brings back memories, I must say. You're Kabuto, right ? How much do you know about me ?

Muu ( Kabuto ) : I know you fought Shodai Hokage Hashirama. You survived the battle at valley of the end, even though you lost.
You managed to get a fraction of Hashirama's power. Am I right until now ?

Madara : So that's why, right ? Do you know about our plan ?
Muu ( Kabuto ) : I don't know everything. Let's just say that I'm your ally. But I don't know if the Fake Madara's goals are really close to yours or not.

Muu ( Kabuto ) : By the way ... There are some survivors it seems. The Tsuchikage and Kazekage are tough, all right.

Madara : There is something I want to try. Summoning Technique !
Naruto suffocates.
Naruto's inner world.

Kyuubi : Gurururu ...
Naruto : My inners are burning.
Kyuubi : This chakra that is calling me ... Madara ?

Madara : So we don't have the Kyuubi.
Muu ( Kabuto ) : That's the whole point of this war, actually.
Kyuubi is sealed inside a Jinchuuriki. Look here, this kid is the Kyuubi's Jinchuuriki : Uzumaki Naruto-kun.
Madara : Did you just said Uzumaki ?Like Mito's clan ? That's the kid who just attacked me, right ?
Muu ( Kabuto ) : He's quite the formidable foe. You can capture him all right, but it's likely this one is just a clone.
How about we find the real one ?

Madara : No. I want to try something. I'd rather do it with people around, it's more fun that way.
Mokuton - Juukai Koutan !

Dodai : What ? Even Mokuton ?
Sensor Ninja : It looks like it's the end.
Naruto : ( Shit ! I have almost no chakra. What Am I gonna do ? )
The trees are surrounding Naruto and the others.

Kyuubi : Naruto ... This time I'm giving you some power.
Naruto : ( So that mean you still want to take control of my body ? )
Kyuubi : No. I'm just giving you chakra. Madara can rot in hell for all I care. I'd rather help you than being manipulated by him.

Kabuto : ( If I can continue to use Madara like this, I can control the flow of this war. This trump card is way better than expected. )

Naruto runs.
Gaara : Naruto !

Naruto : Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu ! Oodama Rasengan !
Oonoki : ...
Kyuubi : Do your thing, Naruto !
Naruto : Oodama Rasengan !

Many Naruto spams Oodama Rasengan on the whole battlefield, destroying the forest.
Madara : It's just like you said, he's not that bad.
Muu ( Kabuto ) : I know, right ?

Naruto : I used up Kyuubi chakra all at once. I'm at my limit.
Oonoki : Naruto ... It's okay. I'll handle this.

Gaara : Tsuchikage-sama, you can't ...
Oonoki : Hmm ... At last this time comes for me to fight seriously.
And for this, Madara is just the kind of opponent I want.
Oonoki's determination.

Credit to : Narutoverse & MangaFox 

-Bersambung- aka -To be continue-


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