Naruto 558 Spoiler is coming out!


I myself can't wait when is the release every week.

And guess what, Naruto 558 is coming out. I will update you guys back when is the translation done estimate by tomorrow morning.

A little sysnopsis:
in brief
ragged muu enters in high spirits

chilli naru(naruto in the bcm) appears at gaaras
The 2nd mizukage is sealed.

Chilli naru makes clones
and send one to chojis
Shikamaru n co are fighting in a bit strange way.
They shouldnt go out of a circle?
Dan is surprised to see Naruto for his looking like Nawaki.
Shikamaru explains.

The medical team
A worn-out Shinobi comes to shizune and sakura
a bicker happens as they arent allowed to enter the place till they pass the chakra test. The worn-out Shinobi is a white zetsu and tries to attack sakura and then gets chilli-naru's rasengan from behind.

Hinata, kiba and neji are fighting against whit Zetsus. As hinata is about to get beaten, Naruto appears!!

On The last page
Muu is preparing for summoning. And the chap ends

Credit to : Narutoverse & MangaReader

-Bersambung- aka -To be continue-


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