Slim your TUMMY the NIHON TV style!

I just remembering that there was a Japanese tv show about my entry today hahaha!

It was “Ito-ke no Shokutaku”, on the air Thursday, 18th July 2006 :p..

And down below, I want to share how they claimed as Slim Your TUMMY the NIHON TV style.. Gambate Kundasai! Hait!

Please ready a straw...

 Cut it about 5cm long..

 Flatten one of the end of the straw..

 Close about half of straw hole with a tape...

And should be like this!

Now, take a very deep breath.. Then blow as long as you can..

 You can also invite your family to do the same thing.. hahaha!

 It best if you can practice this 3 minutes everyday.. as that TV show claimed LOLZ!

 It also claimed that a few peoples that did the same thing for 2 weeks got the result that they wants so much.. A flat TUMMY? Hmmm..

 And according to expert, when we are breathing.. the stomach muscle is used so much when breath out rather than breath in.. Believe it?

 With the same practice, you can get more flatten TUMMY.. well, not sexy enough huh! :P

-Bersambung- aka -To be contimue-


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