Adobe Photoshop at its best ...Hope you will enjoy!

Hello guys! Well, I had a long weekend since I got fever caused by tonsilitis. Now I already recover little by little hehe :).

Here we go, back to the usual thing that I always do... I love to share with you guys about many things not included my money hahaha!  Please feast your eyes with the pictures below that already archived in my storage quite a few decades I think.. (believe it or not??) :p

This is what we called the real 'Fireman'..

I wish that I could do this everytime I want to brush my teeth hahaha!


OMG! What is come out from that jar?

Hey! That must be HOT!

Please meet the SMOKEMAN that really love smoking!

Gosh! Now I knew where the water gone every time I boil it in this kettle.. Hmmm

Wheee! Here we go!

P/s : Below picture is the real thing, everyone have it.. And when this part swollen or get redish, you'll get fever and need a medication

-Bersambung- aka -To be continue-


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