Naruto 552 Spoiler is coming out!


I myself can't wait when is the release every week.

And guess what, Naruto 552 is coming out. I will update you guys back when is the translation done estimate by tomorrow morning.

A little synopsis:
So long, brother pupil.
Nagato : Later ...

Nagato is sealed.
The battle is at it climax.

Kabuto : !!
Damn you, Nagato.
So, you did lack mobility. ( I don't really know )
I was planning to use your Rinnegan summons linked vision without instead.

But Itachi used his Shuriken Jutsu within a blind spot that I couldn't dodge.
It seems I have no choice but to use my trump card.

Bee : Along the way. We fought with that Edo Tensei guy.
The Sand dude did sealed him but he didn't or couldn't kill him.
Wasn't Edo Tensei supposed to be a perfect jutsu without weak points ?

Itachi : I told you, EVERY jutsu has a weak point. No exception.
Bee : I don't know about that.

Naruto : Back into business ! I told I have to stop this war.
Kage Bunshin no Jutsu !
*Naruto reverts to base*

Bee : Your overdid it with that kyuubi chakra mode of yours.
Don't do clones anymore.

Itachi : Don't try being a hero all by yourself.
To stop Edo Tensei you could use me too.
I have an idea.

Naruto : I will finish this war alone !
I will take responsability myself.
This is my duty.

Itachi : It's not that thoses who became Hokage are now aknowledged by everyone.
But rather thoses who were aknowledged can become Hokage.

Bee : It's not only about strenght, you know.
Itachi : Killer Bee. Take care of Naruto !
Bee : Yo, Ok !
Naruto : Let's move, Bee !

Muu : How many time to I have to tell you.
Your attacks are pointless ! I'm just a mirage.

Ninjas : What are we gonna do ?
2nd Mizukage : Defeat the real one.

Temari : Fuuton - Kakeami
Perfect ! Sealing squad, hurry up !

Gaara : Behind you, Tsuchikage !
Oonoki : Damn, my back. Not now !

Muu : Jinton - Genkai Hakuri no Jutsu !
*Rasengan pop up*
Gaara : ( Is this ... ? )
Credit to : Narutoverse

-Bersambung- aka -To be continue-


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